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DWCon14 - and Discworld events in the UK *this year*... :)

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Hello Clerks!

In case you weren't already aware, memberships for the International Discworld Convention in Manchester, which takes place August 8th-11th 2014, are now available to purchase through http://dwcon.org/ !

Due to there having been the fastest take-up of memberships *ever*, I think all single rooms have been booked already so if you're coming solo, try find a buddy to share with. Not sure what the capacity is for The Palace hotel, where the Con is being held, but it can't house everyone, and there will be some overflow to the nearby Holiday Inn Express - the later you leave it to buy your membership, the more likely you will have to chose the alternative option or find your own accommodation if you prefer.

I'm in at number A109 and if you're also already signed up, let us all know! We're already plotting on things to do (I don't think we ever stop, TBH!) so do give us your thoughts and ideas. I'm also planning on having a pre-birthday party at the Con because it falls a month before my 30th and I want to celebrate it with you guys. :) Everyone's invited.

In the mean time in the UK, there will be Hogswatch in Wincanton on the weekend of Nov 30th/Dec 1st, and I believe the Studio Theatre Club are planning on doing a Rincewind-based play at the same time (26th Nov - 30th Nov). If no dates change, I may try to wrangle doing both since I pass Oxford on the way to Somerset so I'm thinking Thursday night Oxford, then Friday to Sunday Wincanton. :) So potentially a long weekend of Discworld before the year's out -- then it'll be the countdown to the Con!

If anyone possibly wants to buddy-up to see the STC play, or meet up at Wincanton, etc, then just shout.

~Clerk Jurious
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