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Going Postal Discworld Play - Nov/Dec 2011

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TO: All Dark Clerks
RE: Theatrical Productions

Grantham Dramatic Society are running a production of Stephen Briggs' stage adaptation of "Going Postal" later this year -- and it's literally 15 miles down the road from me! :) I'm definitely planning on going - it'd be silly not to, it being so close, and my having never seen a Discworld play before. Just wondered if anyone else was interested in joining me and my house mate...?

The play will run from Wednesday November 30th until Saturday December 3rd 2011, starting at 7.30pm nightly at the Guildhall Arts Centre in Grantham. Tickets will be priced £8.00 (or £7.00 for concessions) on Wednesday 30th November, and £9.00 (£8.00 concessions) for shows on Thursday 1st to Saturday 3rd December. For more info, click here: http://www.granthamdramaticsociety.co.uk/

We don't get many of these plays in the Midlands so take advantage if you're in the area - or come up and see us if you're not and fancy a Discworld play this Hogswatch season! It falls the weekend after Wincanton so we could extend the celebrations. :)

Clerk Jurious + Wuffles

(PS: I think they're still cast-calling if anyone wants to get up on-stage and have a go!)
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