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TO: All Dark Clerks
RE: ...Stuff?

A few reminders:

  • Memberships for the Discworld Convention 2012 are nearly at #500 already! Don't forget to buy yours before July because a) it's cheaper, and b) they are selling rather fast. Go to http://dwcon.org/ to sign up. (If you went to the last Convention, you might have even received a pretty postcard reminding you about it!) The Con is (again) being held at the Hilton Metropole in Birmingham, UK, between the dates of August 24th-27th. Sir Terry will be Guest of Honour, all being well, and the other usual faces will be there too (other commitments allowing).

  • Dates for the Studio Theatre Club's "Snuff" have been moved back to February 22nd-25th 2012. (That's *if* it goes ahead... SB mentioned t'other week that he can't confirm it's definite until he's seen further drafts of the book, but so far it's all a-go-go.)

  • Wadfest will take place in August between 19th-21st at Trentfield Farm, Retford, Notts., UK. (Website: http://www.wadfest.co.uk/) I'm not sure I'll be going because money's tight and, even if I have the funds, it kinda clashes with the next STC play. If I can only afford to go to one I know which I'll choose.

  • Hogswatch is... ages away! But if anyone would like to "bunk up" for the festive celebrations at the end of November in Wincanton, please get in touch with me (walsiegirl [AT] gmail.com). Sharing is fun and, let's face it, cheaper!

All for now.

--Clerk Jurious
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