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To: All Dark Clerks
From: Clerk Jurious

So, I Forgot to Plot about Something at Wincanton this weekend... can't believe it slipped my mind (said mind usually being as one-tracked as it is). There are several important "milestones" being reached in Discworld in the next year or so (there will probably be an extra event in 2012 for the Diamond Jubilee, with a bling! "Diamond King of Trolls" theme... or so we heard in the Emporium this morning...hush hush). A certain person will be reaching a milestone birthday later this year and I don't think we should let him... I mean "them" get away with it without notice. I want to make it clear that I have absolutely not brought this up with any one in the Emporium at all. Honest. ¬_¬

If anyone feels inclined to plot, please do so privately. If the inclination takes you to connect with other Clerks, please do so. Accidentally. Just pretend you're discussing our future plans for clipboard lubricant and Eau de Stationery perfume which was fielded this weekend at Winky. ^_^

Yours most faithfully, and with essence of pinstripe,

Clerk Jurious (+ Wuffles)
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