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Greetings fellow Clerks,

I hope you have all been keeping abreast of the goings-on Down Under at the Australian Discworld Con (otherwise known as "Nullus Anxietas 3") which happened last weekend. The committee did an amazing job and it sounds like Sir Terry enjoyed his time there, too (in fact, he's still there doing schtuff as we speak - busy, busy!).

One amazing feat of the event was the amount of money raised for charity - a whopping $15000 AUD! Some committee members were in tears when the total was announced! And who can blame them? What a fantastic achievement. And I feel quite proud, and so very pleased, to be able to say that $90 of that was raised by my two sketches, which I sent down for the fan art display and consequently donated to the charity auction (that was Briggs!Vetinari with Wuffles and the Librarian). That's almost £60 at the current exchange rate. I'm so happy!!! It's such a good feeling to know that I have a gift that can be used to achieve really cool things like this. ^^ *warm fuzzy feeling*

I've also been told that the Dark Clerks were a great hit at the Oz Con, and they even had the privelege of judging the Guilds competition! Lucky buggers! Apparently, more Clerky mischief is already being planned for the 2013 Australian convention in Melbourne. Oh, I *so* want to go! I love Australia and do like Melbourne, and to combine a trip there with Discworld madness would be awesome! I will have to start saving now but who's to say I won't be able to do it? Holiday Down Under with the Aussie Clerks, anyone? :D Bonza!

Meanwhile... let's press for a fan art display at the next UK convention, eh? It's such a wonderful idea! There's so much talent in the Discworld fanbase, it'd be a crying shame not to take full advantage of it, and selling donated pieces is a wonderful way to raise money for charity.

So well done everyone who was so generous at Nullus Anxietas! And let's keep plotting to raise ridiculous amounts of money at future events. :) (Do keep an eye on http://dwcon.org/ ... they tweeted today saying that news of 2012 will be unveiled very soon!)


Clerk Jurious + Wuffles :-)

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On April 13th, 2011 12:33 pm (UTC), dominofalling commented:
What fabulous work Clerk Jurious. Well done selling your stuff down in 4X and raising all that charity dosh.

Hey, I like the idea of a fan art display, surprised they have not done it before. We will have to suggest it to the Committee for 2012 once the Con starts getting active again.

Big proud hugs
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