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The Spring Fling!

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There's info for the Wincanton "Spring Fling" on Facebook.
"Our annual Spring gathering will be held from Saturday April 30th to Sunday 1st May, in and around the Discworld Emporium in Wincanton - it's free to attend, but you do need to sort your own food and travel!

We love our little spring do’s as we get to frolic around like new born lambs, dress up in traditional May day themes and pretend we’re in Lancre for a bit. This year’s event however also coincides gloriously with a certain Royal wedding which altogether makes a fantastic excuse to wear a hat. On Saturday therefore we would like to see these themes manifested on your heads - from your most majestic millinery to your bonniest Easter bonnet!

In a similar (blue blooded) vein, activities will include a cake contest – so bring along your Easter cakes, Royal Iced buns, or wedding confections to be judged and consumed at teatime on Sunday. Also the traditional Grand Charity Auction will be held on Sunday morning with all profits going to Alzheimer’s research – if you’d like to donate an item please contact reb@cunningartificer.demon .co.uk with details.

There’ll be plentiful other good-natured going’s on throughout the weekend to be delved into in greater detail soon. Please note that due to being on a well-earned tour of his beloved Australia Sir Terry will be unable to attend on this occasion.

Being a smaller gathering than Hogswatch, buying meal tickets from us will not be necessary. We will however be enjoying a communal feast - a ‘Royal Banquet’ if you will, on Saturday 30th for which bookings with our participating inns will be required - details to follow.

To view a list of suggested accommodations in the Wincanton area visit: http://discworldevents.com/wincanton

If you’d like to peddle your wares in the dealers room then please make your interest known to reb@cunningartificer.demon.co.uk – it’s free to attend and we will do our best to accommodate.

See you in April!"

Linky-link: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=192616604110703

Hopefully see some of you there!

~Clerk Jurious
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